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Making An Impact in 2019-20

Moving from scholarship to action requires getting the word out in a way that connects with the public. Our faculty, staff, researchers, alumni, and students are experts at translating cutting edge science and smart policy beyond the academy. This year, we awarded the second biennial $100,000 Jean Mayer Prize for Excellence in Nutrition Science and Policy, made the case for a coordinated national investment in nutrition research, launched the Food & Nutrition Innovation Institute, and presented research and webinars at virtual events around the world. There's always something happening here to shape the food environment into a healthier and more equitable system.

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By the Numbers 2019-20

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A Global Perspective

Research & Activities in 2019-20

The many research projects and other activities we highlight are designed to take the long view. From creating momentum to establish a new national-level investment in nutrition research and finding solutions to provide new mothers with safe remote help with the WIC program, to a newly graduated dietitian in Malawi treating COVID-19 patients with nutrition care, the impact we make is truly global. Our expertise in gathering stakeholders and creating scholarship shows that supporting our community of faculty, staff, students, and alums is always a worthy investment.

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